April 8, 2020 DIRECTOR NOTES

Today, April 8, marks 4 weeks since we were last in school.  It is my hope that each student and their families have been able to stay healthy and make adjustments to the restrictions and new routines that this Covid-19 virus has forced on us all.  All through this time I have continued to look toward the time when we will return to school.  In order to stay on course for sharing information with our current 8th graders, and fall marching band preparations, I have prepared several videos and links to documents that will be important for all families.   The can be found on both the BAND CLASS and SPARTAN SOUND tabs here on the band website.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have about marching band or high school registration in general.  I welcome your emails, calls, or texts to help you as we try to continue to plan for the new school year remotely.

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